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Search Engine Optimisation

WebPromotioNZ search engine optimisation is a long-term strategic tool and is one of many ways to increase the number of targeted visitors to your Web site.

The three key steps are:

Human visitors and search engine visitors to Web sites, treat Web pages in different ways. Visitors look at design and scan text, while a search engine detects the lack of information it needs to make your Web site relevant.

Search engine optimisation' [SEO] makes a Web site relevant and is a solution to the problem of a Web site ranking at a position where no one finds it. The more relevant your Web page is, the higher your rankings are.

WebPromotioNZ can provide you with optimisation advice as well as an advanced overview of your Web pages and those of your competition.

After analysing your Web pages, and optionally comparing them to your highly ranked competitors, WebPromotioNZ will give you advice on improving your Web pages and a detailed analysis of parameters on your page that affect your rankings.

General page properties (size, presence of small or hidden text, etc)
On-the-page factors influencing your search engine rankings (keyword frequency, prominence, weight in different page areas, etc.)
Off-the-page factors influencing your search engine rankings (link popularity, theme, directory listings, etc)

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