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Link Popularity

Search engines analyse link structures on the Internet to determine the best Web sites and pages for any given search inquiry. Most major search engines use link popularity to define Web page rankings and Google has been a strong and consistent supporter.

Link popularity is a measure of the number and quality of Web pages linking to your Web site, and which are in a search engine's index. Each link to your site is treated as a recommendation.

WebPromotioNZ finds out about sites that link to your Web site and works to increase the number of good links to increase the number of visitors to your Web site from both referring sites and search engines. Links from recognised authorities count more than links from small, private Web sites.

WebPromotioNZ does not participate in organised exchanging of unrelated links between Web sites [link farms] as this is considered spam by most search engines. These link farms are often the thousands of search engines and directories promoted by submission software and services.

WebPromotioNZ can provide:

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